Montag, 8. September 2014

Impulse Cosmetics.

I am often on the hunt for cosmetic companies that sell products with bright and highly pigmented colours. Another condition is an animal cruelty free manufacturing. I always wanted to try out Sugarpill but have not yet, for whatever weird reason. By now I have read so many happy costumer reviews and seen MUAs on YouTube use Amy's products. And in general she just seems like a really lovely person!

Recently I came across an entry on tumblr with all these nice lipstick colours. Following the link I visited Impulse Cosmetics etsy shop. At the time I ordered something they were having a sale because the company now opened a shop on their website.

This is what the package looked like and I was really surprised how fast it arrived at my place. Maybe within a week?

I ordered:
Witches Brew
Matifiying Powder

Honestly I never really trust these bright colours on pictures. So often I have read and seen reviews of lipsticks that were probably just photoshopped on the advertisement. Gosh, I hate that. 
So... another surprise!
The colours are great and I have already worn it a few times.
(I guess to matify lipsticks, you could also just use translucent powder though.)

Holy moly... I could just buy everything from their site!

Wearing "Gamble". ♥

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